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by Caroline Colunga on Wednesday, June 1, 2011 at 9:50am

How do I begin to explain this love I have inside

The power in His Word where I confidently abide

The secret place where I am able to run and hide

As the storms come raging in, it is in Him I solemnly confide

Sheltered under the shadow of His wings my soul continually strides

Casting all my weights aside

Lest my two worlds begin to collide

Battling side by side, trying to over-ride


And mesh


My spirit being grieved by the flesh

When all I seem to do is make a childish mess

As I compromise and try to impress

In the midst of sinners yet failing to confess

The gospel of salvation to all whom will believe

My spirit feeling so grieved

Convicted from pretending to be naive

Justifying within myself on why they probably wouldn’t have received

But He, who is greater than my heart, then begins to speak to me

“Repent and enter into My rest

For by grace you have been saved and not of your best

Which is why I think of you no less

Although your spirit has failed My test

It is there in your weakness My mercy is made manifest.”


It was there in His presence that the scales fell from my eyes

The comfort of His compassion being the sweet essence of His prize

As He gave understanding for my soul to realize

Only thru His grace did He chose me to sanitize

Awakening my heart to all the foolish lies

That were dressed in disguise

A false truth that once had me hypnotized

However, enlightenment has come and it’s the power of the gospel that now has me mesmerized.


It’s the beauty of my Savior’s face

Knitting together within me all that has been broken and misplaced

Leaving His trace of the forgiveness of my pasts mistakes

Re-directing the speed of my pace

Oh how unsearchable are the depths of His grace

As He sanctifies my heart and mind’s most sacred place

Keeping me preserved in Him until the end of this race

When Im able to see my Bridegroom face to face

The very One who became a disgrace

So that every one of my iniquities, transgressions, and sins could be all be erased

To Him be the honor, glory and praise (say slow)

No matter what phase


Of life your going thru He knows

But continue to cry out to Him “Blessed be the Lord, o my soul

Long for Him to take full control

As He re-teaches each and every one of our hearts how to grow

Making known to us the wisdom of His mysteries beyond what any human mind could ever hold

Let us all diligently grasp and search out the path of direction He desires for us to go

For it is only He who can regenerate our very souls

Completing that in which He has began in us, such as a blacksmith perfects his gold

For He is soon coming for gathering of His sheepfold

In His glory to Behold, making us complete and whole.



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