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                                          Full Time Ministry


Full time ministry, how do we define that term. I guess, as with any other term, the definition differs from individual to individual and will be determined by the opinion of the person making the statement. As Iím out sharing my faith, I would say that 80% of the people I approach, will declare themselves to be Christians. How these people define Christianity varies from individual to individual. One person will tell me, my dad is a pastor. Like that association qualifies them to be a Christian. Another individual thinks that because they were baptized when they were a kid, and attend church on a regular basis that they are Christians. Another one owns a Bible and goes to Church on occasion, so they think themselves to be Christians. Then thereís the one that has acknowledged their sin, repented before God, and made a commitment to follow Jesus, to obey His commands. They are disciples of Jesus, living holy lives, sharing their faith and doing the work of the ministry. A imitator of Christ. That is how I would define the word Christian.

So what is full time ministry? Do I need to be ordained and working for a church? Do I need to be setting up events, having outreaches? What is ministry? Iíve searched my heart to see if I qualify to call myself full time ministry, and I believe that I do. Even though we are not employed by a church, and we have not been officially ordained. I believe that we reach more unsaved people on an average week, then the average church reaches in a year. We hand out between 1500- 2000 tracts a week. We preach the gospel to almost everyone of those. We preach at the court house and the DMV 5 days a week. We usually spend 2 to 4 hours a day doing one on one witnessing at some public place, the mall or Samís club. We spend 3 to 4 hours on Saturday training and then witnessing at the mall.  I consider our web site and our e-mails as a form of outreach, as we try to encourage those believers that we know to be out and about the Lords business.

We have been stretched with our finances. People ask me how the ministry is going? Well, the ministry is going great. Thereís plenty of work to do for the lord. At night, I toss and turn and worry about the bills. During the day, once Iíve started preaching, my faith soars, and Iím fully expecting God to bring the money in.

I have never walked this walk before. Itís easy to say ďMy God shall supply all my needs, according to his riches in Glory in Christ JesusĒ Itís another thing to be 2 house payments behind, with bills coming in and not enough money. We have supporters, that believe in the ministry we do. We just donít have enough supporters at this time to meet all the needs. So, Please pray and ask god what He would have you to do. We need your support. At one time, I had ask everyone on our e-mail list to contribute $50. this would have more than supplied our financial need. We received very few responses.

 God bless each and everyone of you. Please go to our website. You can contribute directly there, or find the information to donate by mail


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