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To My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


             For many years now we have tried our hardest to make our life to be that of full time ministry. That means that everywhere we go we share the good news about Jesus Christ. We believe with all our hearts that the great commission is a command to everyone that names the name of Christ. It is not a suggestion, or a gift, or a special calling. It is a command to those that have received the gift of salvation, to those that say that they are Christians. Matthew 4:19 ďand He said to them, follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.Ē  Therefore, we must be fishers of men.

Jesus came with a purpose. He came to seek and to save that which was lost.(Luke 19:10) He gave the great commission to His disciples, who were suppose to make disciples, who were suppose to make disciplesÖ.down through the ages. We, as followers of Christ, are suppose to be just as the disciples were. The great commission is a command to us. He did not call us to hang out at church, to go once or twice a week and laugh at a funny sermon. We believe that the majority of our church has lost itís purpose. We are no longer following the Christ whose name we claim.

We have two passions in our life. Our first passion is to win the lost. We do this by daily distributing Gospel tracts. We use these tracts as a tool to initiate conversation as we share the gospel with them, pray with them, and let them feel the presence of God. We also go out with a small group to the county court house and open air preach. We hand out about 500 tracts a day, and preach the good news to each of them. We open air preach at the courthouse and the DMV on a daily bases. Our goal is to reach as many as we can with the gospel, to keep as many as we can from slipping into hell. I approximate that we preach to over 2000 people each and every week.

Our second passion is to stir our Brothers and Sisters in Christ.  We do this by  exhorting those that we meet who identify themselves as Christians. By sharing scriptures and setting an example by our actions. We also do this by offering to provide training for one on one witnessing and open air preaching.

Our vision is to take this training out to the churches. To visit individual churches in the area, to do one day trainings, or weekly trainings if they so desire. Our desire is to be able to make ourselves available at all times to do this training, not just on Saturdays.  We truly believe that God is showing us that we need to devote ourselves full time to this ministry. The only way we can do this is if we solicit support from our friends and from the churches in the area.  If we really believe that those that donít know Christ are going to hell, then itís time that we took some action. Our hearts desire is that you would join us in our endeavors to reach these lost souls. But for those of you that have not made that decision we need your financial support so that we will have more freedom to do the work ourselves.

Please pray and ask God what he would have you to do. You can call me at   (909)5612028 or e-mail me This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it   for more information. God Bless You
You can donate by mail, sending your donation to
Robert Biddle
3621 Eve Cir, apt D  Mira Loma, ca. 91752. If you desire a tax deductionon your donation, please let me know and we will filter it through the church
Or you can donate using the paypal link on this page.
We will be constantly adding new material and updating this web site, so check back often.
May God Continue to Love And Bless You.    Brother Robert


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