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Sometimes when we fall, our spiritual life all of a sudden comes to a stall, we see ourselves lacking all, and feel as though our Daddy doesn’t hear our call.


It’s so hard to even think, the confidence we once had has dramatically shrieked, we feel as though our Source of life has become unlinked, and every time we blink, we see ourselves so close Hell’s brink.


Our eyes are constantly flowing with tears, our conscious filled with fears, desperate for our Savior to draw near, earnest for a vision to appear, to give hope for the coming years.


Disconnected, feeling rejected, somehow injected, with worthlessness as it is being projected, upon our minds, yet, seeking to find, the power to bind, the wickedness in us that has caused us to be blind, but we focus to unwind, praying that He can transform us through the renewing of our minds, leaving all form of sin behind.


Help us Lord to stand, reach out Your merciful hand, give us courage to make it to the Promise Land, although we may go through things we quite don’t understand, You whisper in our ear, “Keep focused on the vision that, I, Your God, has planned.


We were broken, yet, awoken, continuing to receive You, O’ Lord, as our most precious token, as You restore us with Your every Word that You have spoken.


Come close, O’ God, surround the weak with Your heavy presence, let us experience the elegance of Your most sweetest essence.


Put Your hand on our hearts, O’ Lord, and wipe away all our mire, change our hearts every desire, pursuing to draw nigher, deepen our thoughts to think higher, as our passion for You burns like a consuming fire.


We must seek the Lord, while He can still be found, commanding our knees to hit the ground, and with a humble and contrite spirit that is sound, He will heal us with his grace and mercy that is faithful to abound.


Nothing surprises You, Lord, you already knew, warning us that our spirit would always fail before You, however you revealed things in Your Word telling us what to do, although we have sinned against You, it is You we must return to.


You promised you will heal and restore, remembering our sins no more, for this very reason You have sent Your only begotten Son who has bore, our iniquities and transgressions bringing our soul ashore, so that we do not die in our sinful reservoir.


Thank you Lord, for mere words cannot explain, for we were the only one to blame, causing our own selves shame, getting caught up in this worldly game, but how in unconditional love we were retained, how that moment of falling was already ordained, but in You we are able to maintain, and continue down that narrow lane, because of You we are sustained.


Despite, what the situation looks like, we must continue to fight, walking by faith and not by sight, staying focused on the Lord’s delight, and always getting back up when we failed to get it right, knowing He will sustain if we just hold on tight, He will turn our darkness into glorious light, if with our faith we continue to fight.

Written by Caroline

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