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Don't let Him catch you asleep
In sin so deep,
Or off guard when the end of times begin to creep.

But keep in mind, that it doesn't matter if your White, Asain, Caucasian, Mexican, or Black,
Sinning in the act, or slow to react.
Just know it's much deeper than fact,
With extreme impact,
That Jesus Christ is coming back
And He ain't taking those faith which slack,
Or those who have lukewarm eye contact.
Just be prepared for the day when Christ reacts,
And decides to come back.

Separating the good sheep from the bad,
Exposing to us the Dad we always had,
Fullfilling the emptiness that has kept us sad,
For in His glory we shall rejoice and be glad!

So let us prepare each and everyday,
In a holy way,
Carefully watching what we say,
Giving thanks every time we pray,
Making sure we do not go astray,
And get caught up in these worldly ways.
We must separate ourselves from this world's decay;
We must run and seek to get as far away,
Desiring to take the narrow way.
We must consecrate ourselves from the filth of yesterday and today,
Making sure we are prepared if the Lord were to come down today.

Caroline.  A lover of Jsus

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