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Roman Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses are strikingly similar!

Roman Catholics and Jehovah's Witnesses share exactly these same qualities:

    FACT: The vast majority of Jehovah's Witnesses were former Catholics.

      Why are most Jehovah's Witnesses former Roman Catholics?

       Rome, Italy

      Brooklyn, New York

      They simply switched organizations!

      Jehovah’s Witnesses are Catholics wearing Sadduceeian coloured sunglasses



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        • The Bible is understandable by merely reading it: Eph 3:3-5
        • The Bible is the only guide for doctrine
        • Creeds and the Watchtower are additions to the Bible that actually entrench doctrines that differ from the Bible forever.
        • Salvation is an individual matter that is fundamentally rooted in faith in Jesus Christ and does not dependent upon any earthly human origination.
        • They had very little real change to make.
        • They just switched organizations and creeds!!!
        • Now you know why.
        • Centralized World-wide church government from which all official doctrine comes. The Pope and the Governing body.
        • A city where world headquarters permanently resides: Rome, Italy and Brooklyn, NY, USA
        • Authority of this "world organization" is not to be questioned.
        • Both consider God to be the head of the world organization.
        • Both the Pope and the Governing body both claim inspiration.
        • Both organizations are "spirit directed" by God.
        • A simple definition of both is as follows: "Definition of a Catholic/Jw: 'Someone who accepts Rome/Brooklyn as God's visible spirit-directed theocratic organization upon the earth.
        • Both have official yearly meetings of the world leaders.
        • The official doctrines that have changed dramatically over time.
        • Both claim "new light" or progressive revelation to explain doctrinal changes.
        • Both share a similar hermeneutic on how to determine truth: Catholics have a system called, "Doctrine of Development" popularized by Dr. Newman, but anticipated by the German theologian Mohler in his work, Symbolik. This hermeneutic contended that Christ had committed to His Church certain seeds and germs of truth, destined afterwards to expand to definite forms; that He did not intend that the teaching of His Church should be always the same; but ordained that it should go on continually improving under the guidance of His Holy Spirit. Jw’s employ exactly the same hermeneutic but call it by a different name: "New Light"
        • Both teach the organization is supreme over the Bible rather than the Bible being supreme over the organization.
        • The average members are told by the organization that they cannot understand the Bible without the help of the official organization.
        • Both discourage independent thinking from the world organization.
        • Both continue to blindly follow the organization in spite of major doctrinal changes, reversals and flip-flops.
        • Both "explain away" doctrinal changes, reversals and flip-flops by claiming "new light".
        • Both view every other church as heretical and false.
        • No salvation outside of their organization.
        • The word of the organization is unquestionably final.
        • Interpreting the Bible is the sole right of the organization.
        • Both make claims that because of their size, growth, activity, they must have the truth.
        • Both have authoritative writings in addition to the Bible. Creeds, catechisms and the watchtower.
        • Both teach that you cannot understand the Bible unless you compare the Bible with their official "authoritative writings" Creeds and Watchtower.
        • Both have an official clergy system with special privileges and rights the common member does not have. Priests and the Governing body.
        • Both have system of monasteries where "most holy and dedicated" selflessly pledge to do the "work for God" without any material rewards. No children are allowed in both. Catholic = monasteries; JW = Bethel
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