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                                        One on one witnessing



You can use a smart card, or a million dollar bill. You can use a pocket testament. You ask the question, if your life ended today, do you know where you would spend eternity?

Or, do you think that youíre good enough to make it to heaven? Thereís so many ways to start the conversation. You use what ever is the most comfortable for you.

They will answer, Yes, Iím going to heaven. Or, Iíd like to think that Iíd make it to heaven. Maybe theyíll say, Iím not sure.

You tell them, Can I ask you 4 quick questions to see if youíre going to make it? Even if they say theyíre going to heaven, ask the questions. Because they may not understand what it really takes to go to heaven.

Question 1. Have you ever told a lie? A half truth, an exaggeration? When they say yes, you ask them; what does that make you? If they hedge with their answer, ask them, If I told you a lie, what would you call me? They call you a liar. Leave it at that.

Question 2 Have you ever stolen anything/ It doesnít matter the value, a dollar, a dime, something from your brother or sister? Taken extra time on your break from work? When you steal, what does that make you? A thief.

Question 3 Have you ever looked with lust? Jesus says that if we look with lust we have committed adultery already in our heart.

Question 4  Have you ever used the name of God in Vain? Taken the name of the God that gave you life and used it in place of a filth word. Thatís actually the third commandment, not to take the name of the Lord in vain. God Says that He will not hold you  guiltless.

Tell them, by their own admission, they are lying, thieving, blasphemous, adulators at heart. Theyíre going to have to face God on judgement day. Heís going to judge them by His standard, the Ten Commandments. Ask them, do you think that youíd be innocent or guilty on judgement day? Would God send them to heaven or hell? You cant get them saved if they donít know that theyíre lost.

Heres the court room scenario.

Youíre facing a judge. Youíve just been found guilty of 4 felonies. The judge has told you that you have a $500,000 fine, or youíre going to prison for a very long time. You cant pay the fine, youíre in big trouble. A man enters the court room and tells the judge. Your Honor, this person doesnít know me, but I know them. Iíve sold every thing that I own, and Iím paying their fine. The judge turns to you and tells you. Your fine is paid, youíre free to go.  How would you feel towards the man that paid your fine?

You explain to them. 2000 years ago, God looked down from heaven. He saw that we were guilty and unable to pay the fine. God sent His Son, to pay our fine, to set us free. You can quote John 3:16

Explain to them that they need to repent, to ask for forgiveness, to put their trust in Jesus and make a commitment to follow Him and obey Him. The Holy Spirit will guide you from there. Itís different every time.

We are not trying to get someone to pray a prayer of decision. We are sharing the gospel to bring them to a point of conversion. If they seem to be repentant, then ask them to pray whatís in their heart. If they ask you to lead them, to further to help them to understand what they are praying, then by all means do so.

Always pray for them, whether they make a decision for Jesus or not. An example of  of the kind of prayer would be this

Father I stand in agreement with my friend(use their name) I ask that you would touch their heart right now, Let them feel your presence and come to know you in the way that Iíve come to know you. I pray that you would bless them and protect them until they can come to that place of decision.

Be direct, and short, not religious. God will honor your prayer, they will feel His presence. Youíve done your job. God Bless

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