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Another testimony of sorts. I visited a Pastor friend of mine yesterday after the court house. We had a great conversation at his church as we talked about all the secret things of God. We shared and fellowshipped for about an hour. As we departed the building we were confronted with the reality of our faith. Standing in front of the door, trying to stay dry, was a homeless men. It was very cold, rainy and windy out side. This man was soaking wet, had one shoe that the top was cut off because of a blister on the top of his foot. He had a rain covering on, but in the few minutes that we stood with him out side, I really began to shiver because it was so cold. How spiritual are we really? We just talked a great game inside of the building, but now we were confronted with reaching out to a man who couldn't do anything for us in return. Who was a chronic homeless, smelled bad and maybe didn't have all of his mental capacities. I felt like it was a test. We talked to the man (Raymond). We offered him the opportunity, if he desired, to go into a mens home. To be dry, fed, and off the streets. To have the chance at a new life if he so desired. I wish I could tell you that it worked out great, but it didn't. I loaded him in my truck and took him to Fontana to the Healing grounds ministry. Once at the mens home, the directer began questioning the man to find out if he sincerly desired to change his life, or if he only wanted to get dry and be out of the weather. Ray admitted that he only wanted dry. We did manage to find him a pair of size 13 tennis shoes, and I gave him a ride to the location of his choice. I ministered the gospel. We did what we knew that we needed to do. Heb 13:2 Be not forgetful to entertain strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Who knows why it all happened that way. Matthew 25 talks about the sheep and the goats, those who did and didn't do things. God bless. Be encouraged, Be busy for God
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