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Hi everybody. Just a quick praise report, testimony about yesterday. It wasn't so much a particular event during the day, but the overall day and the amount of ministry that we were able to do. At the end of the day, I looked back with awe, almost overwhelmed by the experience. We started out at the court house. There was probably 40 people present as I shared the gospel for the first time that day. It seemed like we really connected with that first group. Usually I will find one person in the group that is really paying attention. I will establish eye contact and speak mostly toward that one individual. Everyone hears, but the one is the center. In this case I had so many that were watching me intently, that I couldn't stay focused on one. When The Holy spirit is moving you can see it in their eyes, in their body language. God spoke to many hearts yesterday morning. Then I took my wife to Arrowhead hospital to do blood work for our physical. We handed out probably 100 million dollar bills. I handed a bill to everyone in the room, then began speaking to one young man, took him through the law. I've got a loud voice (as my wife will testify) so that everyone in the room hears the witness. Afterwords I prayed with him. The ladies in the lab had me put bills in all their  stockings (hanging on the wall for Christmas) we spent 2 hours at the hospital witnessing. Then we went to the social security office to conduct business. it was packed with people. I witnessed to a lady named Karen. As I took her through the law and she realized that she was guilty (going to hell) she began to cry. She then told me that she had just been told that she had stage 4 lung cancer and was nearing the end of her life. I shared with her the hope that we believers have. That she could pass out of this sick miserable body and into glory. That there was nothing to fear if she was right with God. I prayed with her for healing for her body, for salvation for her soul. I gave her my contact information along with a church card. There are many many opportunities to do ministry each and every day. We need to leave our houses looking for those opportunities, looking to be used by God. The end is near, Jesus is coming soon. God wants to use you if you're willing to be used. But you need to purpose in your heart to be out and about His business. Again, we train every Saturday from 9am til 10. Then we head for the mall and put to practice the things that we have learned. Call me if you're interested. We are all called to this ministry, you're just late to work. God Bless, I'll keep you in my prayers. Robert
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